Delay VDA registration for XenDestop/Xenapp

Step 1: Disable BrokerAgent Service from services.msc on the worker VM. Step 2: Create schedule task for enabling BrokerAgent and starting the service after 15 mins of system start on the worker VM. Note: Use system account to run this task. Step 3: Increase the RegistrationDelay timeout on the DDC/Brokers to 30 mins (Default: 20 […]

Powershell: Set Mouse Pointer Scheme to NONE for XenDesktop VM's

Why to do this? Better user experience; reduced cpu load on zero client devices like xenith compared to aero mouse scheme. Powershell Script References Hey Scripting Guy! SystemParametersInfo

Delete shortcut pointing to a specific URL

There will be cases where some users are asked to test a dev/training webapp. Few of these users tend to create shortcuts/bookmark to the dev/training webapp and still keep using the dev even after the webapp was rolled to production. Desktop guys to rescue to clean out these shortcuts or bookmarks 🙂

Manual XenDesktop Setup Wizard

This post will provide guidance to programmatically creating VM’s, add them to Citrix Provisioning services and finally add them to XenDesktop Controller Catalog and Desktop group. Restricted to XenServer (Hypervisor), Citrix PVS 5.6+, XenDesktop 5+ Make sure the hosting providor (Xenserver) is added in XenDesktop Desktop Studio. Create a Template VM with all the required […]

Applying HDX Policy's based on Access Gateway Connection

The following article illustrates how to apply certain policies (eg: disable access to local drive, printers, clipboard etc..) for users connecting from home (through Citrix Netscaler / Access Gateway) Step 1 Ensure xendesktop controllers configured to trust requests sent to the Citrix XML service. This can be done by executing the following powershell command on […]