Download Windows Security Updates for MDT (packages) offline deployment

Deploy your MDT image Install Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) Scan MBSA saves the result under the current user profile directory – %USERPROFILE%\SecurityScans Powershell Script to download the missing updates import these packages in to MDT and these get automatically installed by DISM during the deployment Note: At the time of writing this post Microsoft […]

MDT CustomSettings.ini

Automatically Set the TimeZone based on DefaultGateway [Settings] Priority=DefaultGateway, Default [Default] OSInstall=YES SkipTimeZone=YES [DefaultGateway] [REDMOND] TimeZoneName=Pacific Time Zone [HOUSTON] TimeZoneName=Central Time Zone [WASHINGTON] TimeZoneName=Eastern Time Zone This is also be extended a step further to install applications based on location/Gateway. Applications001={1D7DF331-47B7-472C-87B3-442597EC2F7D} Applications002={9d2b8999-5e4d-4f3d-bb05-edaaf4fe5628} Automatically Set Computer Name Based on the MACAddress [Settings] […]

WinPE commands

Reboot with in WinPE wpeutil reboot Mount Image for servicing Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:”G:\DeploymentShare\Operating Systems\ED\ED.wim” /index:1 /MountDir:G:\wim-mount Inject drivers offline DISM /image:G:\wim-mount /Add-Driver /driver:C:\79oi22ww /recurse Commit wim changes Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:G:\wim-mount /Commit Compress DSIM serviced image imagex /export “G:\DeploymentShare\Operating Systems\ED\ED.wim” 1 c:\ED.wim /compress maximum

MDT custom variable for Lenovo Model – DriverGroup

The MDT Environment variable Model on lenovo machines returns something like 4158WNE instead human readable string, let says “ThinkStation D20”. For Dell Machines Model=Dell DXP061 which facilitates using the Model variable directly for DriverGroup Fortunately we can do the same for Lenovo Models by retrieving Version from Win32_ComputerSystemProduct WMI Class. Lets modify the ZTIGather.wsf file […]