Change SCOM Client Agent Policy Pull Interval

By default agent check back every 1 hour to determine if there are any policy changes. This can be configured if needed by editing the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters\ConnectorManager Create a DWORD value named “ADPollIntervalMinutes” and set it to the period you wish for the healthservice to check for new polices.

Manual SCOM Agent Installation and Registration

Ran the following command on my windows 7 domain joined machine msiexec /i MOMAgent.msi /qn USE_MANUALLY_SPECIFIED_SETTINGS=0 In less than a minute the installation is finished Event Viewer logs reveals the status of registration A new Management Group was added to the Microsoft Operations Manager Agent. HealthService (2072) Health Service Store: The database engine (6.01.7600.0000) started […]

SCOM AD Integration

For manual installation of agents SCOM has a way to utilize AD DS to assign agent-managed computers to Management Groups. First Step in achieving this is by running Disk:\SupportTools\CPUArch\MomADAdmin.exe using domain admin account For my setup I ran MomADAdmin with the following parameters MomADAdmin.exe MgmtGrp Mulpuru\OpsMgrAdmin SCOM01 MULPURU MgmtGrp is the ManagementGroup name choosen @ […]

SCOM Agent Install

System Center Operations Manager Agent can be installed and registered to SCOM in two methods Push Installation from SCOM Manual MSI Installation – InstallDisk\agent In this post only the push install will be covered Push Installation from SCOM console Note: Client Installation logs are located on SCOM Management Server under C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager […]